由“Database of NPM”進入資料庫檢索。

Enter database search area by clicking on theDatabase of NPM”banner on the top of the page.


A. 團體年度會員鎖IP位置所以直接進入“總檢索”不會出現本頁。

B. 個人年度會員請輸入ID帳號及PASSWORD密碼,進入“總檢索”

      C. 非會員請至“使用付費說明”,取   


A. Group annual members log in to IP address, therefore will go straight to the search area without seeing this page. 

B. Personal annual members enter ID and Password to enter search area.

C. Non-members please go to "Payment Specification" to obtain your ID and Password.     

依刊別檢索、期間檢索、分類檢索、作者檢索、關鍵字檢索等屬性輸入資料後,即可按 查詢


若要再次查詢,則按 清除 重新輸入資料

Select search criteria by serial, volume, time period, category, author or keywords, enter search item and press "Search".

You have to select a time period in order to start a search.

Press "Clear" to erase all information and to perform a new search.